Нов производител на екировка в България

След постинга на Митака от Банско във форума на скай номад се свързах с човека и му зададох някои въпроси. Предоставям ви разговора с леки съкращения (колкото да се филтрира ненужната информация).

[10:57:14 AM] ChristoD says:  i have some questions and when you are free i would be glad to ask them

[10:58:40 AM] ChristoD says: i am running this site www.paraglidingbg.com … where i want to make something like directory of the BG paragliding community

[10:59:11 AM] ChristoD says: do you speak Bulgarian ?

[11:00:30 AM] Skysurvive says: yes i do but not so well

[11:00:32 AM] ChristoD says: ok 🙂

[11:00:49 AM] ChristoD says: ok .. better to speak in English then

[11:01:05 AM] Skysurvive says: are you this pilot with that tandem 

[11:01:28 AM] ChristoD says: no .. this is Veselin Ovcharov – (editor- there is youtube movie of Vesko doing tandem in my skype profile)

[11:01:28 AM] Skysurvive says: I can speek, and write with english letters

[11:01:42 AM] ChristoD says: English language is better

[11:01:44 AM] ChristoD says: 🙂

[11:02:06 AM] ChristoD says: we are both speaking good enough english

[11:02:42 AM] Skysurvive says: ok so we will go on in englisch

[11:03:26 AM] ChristoD says: there was post in our most popular forum that you are opening wing factory in Montana ?

[11:04:02 AM] Skysurvive says: yes

[11:04:50 AM] ChristoD says: How did you choose the place … do you have some bulgarian guys helping you, may be Ava Sport ?

[11:05:31 AM] Skysurvive says: now, in the first time I was by Charly constructor and test pilot for harness

[11:06:19 AM] Skysurvive says: and i was her by AVA aport to give them my idaers how to make for charly harness

[11:09:18 AM] ChristoD says: my first question should have been “tell me your name and little back ground” 🙂

[11:09:51 AM] Skysurvive says: My Name ist Diddi ( Dietmar)

[11:09:56 AM] ChristoD says: to be fair my name is Christo Djambov, i work as software developer in local company, and fly for 3 years now

[11:11:01 AM] ChristoD says: i fly every weekend

[11:11:12 AM] ChristoD says: and here we have good conditions for flying

[11:11:46 AM] Skysurvive says: ohh this is dream. When i was in Germany ( I am a german guy) i also fly every free minute

[11:11:52 AM] ChristoD says: for 3 years i missed like 7-8 flying weekends

[11:12:18 AM] Skysurvive says: yes very good conditions i know

[11:12:23 AM] Skysurvive says: extra

[11:12:33 AM] ChristoD says: for how long have you been flying ?

[11:12:39 AM] ChristoD says: ages ? 🙂

[11:12:43 AM] Skysurvive says: 12

[11:12:52 AM] ChristoD says: long time 🙂

[11:12:56 AM] ChristoD says: how old are you ?

[11:13:00 AM] ChristoD says: i am 32

[11:13:04 AM] Skysurvive says: I am 38

[11:14:34 AM] Skysurvive says: the last two years was be realy bussy to make this firme. So I had not so much time. But in the next i will start to fly much again

[11:15:47 AM] ChristoD says: I can tell you you have chosen the right place for this … there is very flying deducated guys in Vraca.. and I can meet you with them

[11:16:08 AM] ChristoD says: … and also take off places for many directions near

[11:16:34 AM] Skysurvive says: thank you, this is nice to here

[11:17:04 AM] ChristoD says: can you tell me more about your venture, what are you planing to do, to manifacture, wings, reserve parashutes, … etc. ?

[11:18:11 AM] Skysurvive says: we make in the moment reserves …

[11:18:54 AM] Skysurvive says: with the wings we must search bigger rooms. becaus the need much space

[11:19:08 AM] ChristoD says: are you building different factory or using the one that belongs to Ava Sport ?

[11:20:32 AM] Skysurvive says: yes I have a one(editor: perhaps Diddi means “own” factory) factory. rent in the moment. 

[11:30:10 AM] ChristoD says: do you have a constructor for the wings … and which is the wing you are flying now ? and your favourite wing on the market ?

[11:31:10 AM] Skysurvive says: yes I fly with nova wings. I have from beginner to XC all here

[11:31:41 AM] Skysurvive says: but in the moment i fly one proto of 2n er

[11:33:21 AM] ChristoD says: 2n er ?

[11:34:09 AM] Skysurvive says: I don t know the name because this is something new

[11:34:58 AM] Skysurvive says: but not ready, the take off is not so easy, and he always clouse the ears in small turbulence

[11:35:16 AM] Skysurvive says: not so stabil

[11:35:21 AM] Skysurvive says: to know

[11:35:28 AM] Skysurvive says: they will make it better

[11:35:39 AM] Skysurvive says: the nova guys

[11:35:50 AM] ChristoD says: yes hope they make it better 🙂

[11:36:02 AM] ChristoD says: have you heard for the Buglarian wing manifacturer in Varna

[11:36:15 AM] ChristoD says: Element

[11:36:28 AM] Skysurvive says: to now not

[11:37:07 AM] Skysurvive says: the name is element?

[11:38:18 AM] ChristoD says: yes … very good dhv2 class wing and test pilots also say competition is very good. stable ..easy take off, good glide . good thermaling … lokking forward to fly one soon

[11:38:47 AM] ChristoD says: Element yes … located in Varna Element Air is the DHV2 segment Element Fire is competition wing

[11:39:17 AM] ChristoD says: looking*

[11:39:40 AM] Skysurvive says: have they an internetside

[11:40:00 AM] ChristoD says: yes .. but can’t find it atm 🙁  (thanks to jifree the element.bg is added to paraglidingbg.com links section)

[11:40:50 AM] Skysurvive says: i will search in the internet

[11:40:50 AM] ChristoD says: http://www.para2000.org/wings/element/index.html

[11:41:18 AM] Skysurvive says: thank you

[11:42:27 AM] ChristoD says: i would like to publish part of this talk … and if you give me mail i can send you what i will publish before i actually do it … you can also send me a picture so ppl get familiar with you

[11:43:24 AM] Skysurvive says: ok,so we will here us later. Thank you.

[11:43:29 AM] Skysurvive says: Greetings diddi

Да пожелаем успех на Дидди в новото му начинание.

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